Our Services

Every customer and situation is unique and requires a unique solution. JDM Solutions utilizes our experience with a wide array of commercial, open source and government owned technologies to create optimized solutions. These solutions may range from a stand-alone mobile app to an enterprise framework integrating services from every level.

Enterprise Frameworks

Our team has extensive experience implementing micro-service based Enterprise solutions that leverage hundreds of individual services. We provide comprehensive API's to provide ease of interaction with both data and products. These Frameworks readily support the integration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities to support Big Data Analysis

Web Applications

Our development team creates, launches and supports rich web applications that scale to the needs of any organization. We provide secure, interactive environments that incorporate mapping and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data with streaming content from any source

Desktop Applications

There are always going to be users that require the processing power of a desktop app or operate in a tactical environment and can't count on having a network connection. We combine real-time streaming messaging from any data source with geospatial information and a variety of analytic tools to produce robust desktop solutions that support a variety of operational domains.

Mobile Apps

Our team provides mobile app solutions for Android and IOS that bring tactical messaging, collaboration and video processing to mobile user. We have extensive experience integrating mobile apps into larger enterprise frameworks to provide lightweight data collection and exploitation points.

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